Stress and anxiety

Stress is a natural response to physical or emotional pressure. When stressed the body produces hormones that trigger a fight, flight, freeze response and activates the immune system. This is an important communication which enables the body to respond effectively to perceived threats.

We experience chronic stress and anxiety when this response is activated over a prolonged period. This can be debilitating and can overwhelm us so that even seemingly small things can start to bother us. This form of stress can affect sleep and exacerbate other health conditions.

  • A recent YouGov surveys reports that 1 in 5 people feel unable to manage stress at work
  • Anxiety disorders have become more common in 5-15 age group (NHS Digital, 2018)
  • Almost half (49.6%) of people in UK reported “high” anxiety during 2020-21 (ONS, 2020)

In solution focused hypnotherapy we draw on the model of the ‘stress bucket’ (Brabban & Turkington, 2002) which helps clients to better understand and identify ways to alleviate the effects of stress.