Smoking cessation

I would like to thank Cath for helping me in my journey to stop smoking.  Having been a smoker for eight long years and trying lots of different methods (gum, vapes, nicotine patches) and not succeeding, I decided to try the hypnotherapy approach.  I was very sceptical but after the session the smell of tobacco made me feel sick. I have not touched a cigarette for four months now and feel amazing.


I approached Cath to help with my arachnophobia. The therapy itself was extremely relaxing, and after only four sessions my goals were accomplished – tested by my being able to deal with a spider for the first time in my life! I would highly recommend Cath and this therapy for dealing with any phobias, but I also feel that it would help with many other issues such as stress, addiction, depression and many more.


My hypnotherapy treatment with Catherine has been an overwhelmingly positive experience, that has ultimately provided me with the tools to cope with the tinnitus. I am now able to reframe my negative reactions to my tinnitus and other similar situations and process them in an appropriate and natural manner. This shift has created improved results to my initial problem of coping with tinnitus and has also given me skills that can be transferred into the rest of my life, enabling me to cope with situations in a calmer and more fitting manner.